Ren Hang.

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2016, ATHENS LOVE 雅典的爱, Session press, USA
2016, 二月 FEBRUARY, Self-Published,China
2016, 一月 JANUARY, Self-Published, China
2015, 海鲜派对 Seafood Party, Self-Published, China
2015, 上海游客 Shanghai Visitors, Self-Published, China
2015, NEW LOVE 新欢, Session press, USA
2015, 野生, Die Nacht, Germany
2015, FOOD ISSUE, Same studio, China
2014, PHYSICAL BORDERLINE, ThreeShadows +3 Gallery, China
2013, THE BRIGHTEST LIGHT RUNS TOO FAST, Editions Bessard, France
2013, SON AND BITCH, Neurasthenia, Taiwan
2013, Republic, Éditions du LIC, Norway
2013, MY DEPRESSION, Self-Published, China
2012, NUDE, Self-Published, China
2011, ROOM, Self-Published, China
2011, REN HANG 2009-2011, Self-Published, China

Ren Hang is a self-taught, Beijing-based photographer whose color-blasted, abstract erotic snapshots have recently made him one of Asia’s most popular contemporary artists.

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